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Realm Works is something my group(s) have been watching for a while now. We are currently using Roll20. Recently had a convo about what is the status of Realm Works? So I spent the good part of the day trying to dig up videos,articles etc.... I came up short so thus I am here.

A couple things holding us back to make a full on switch over to Realm Works to give you lots of moneys are....

1.) Does it currently have dynamic lighting as good or better than Roll20s? Link for reference => If no are there plans to have dynamic lighting in the future? If so is there some eta?

2.) I currently spend a lot of time making transparent background tokens via .png files. Will Realm Works allow me to add full body tokens with transparent backgrounds on maps and such?

3.) Am I able to upload my own maps and then resize the scale of those maps as I see fit?
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