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I'm not sure whether my suggestion will be useful, but...

Will the minor houses be able to change affiliation? if so, then perhaps it would be best to use relationships instead of containers.

I tend not to like list-topics for they kind of remove the fantasy immersion feeling, so I try to use ideas such as creating my own Atlas (the topic is an excerpt from the book that gives whatever information listed with my world's "flavour").

With that in mind, perhaps you could adapt the list-topics, or create your own, in order to have a kind of report on connections/affiliation/etc on a given moment (in my world there are some secretive groups which sell information so I'll be putting the historical information on hierarchies and alliances as their archives and sell-able reports, thus making it also useful as quick indexes. I will have Group's Archive as top container with a list of reports/chronicles/etc. per decade and century, as well as non-sell-able reports from spies; the next containing step is location, then century, and finally the reports.)

Obviously, my approach will make a lot of use of filters so these topics will have to be tagged detailedly.
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