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2.) One premade PC is showing a problem with Available Skill Points which it looks like is a problem with how HL is handling cyberware. The character has Enhanced Articulation I (Streetware) which ups Agility by 1 die. But something is glitching with available Skill Points as HL is saying that 1 point is over spent when 1 point is not over spent of the 15 points. So something isn't reading correct in regards to the cyberware. If you remove the item and up Agility by 1 which is what the cyberware is doing the skill pints are coming out to the correct amount spent, but your told you overspent on attributes, but skill are totaling to 15 points. So attribute increases from cyberware isn't impacting skill point costs like it ought to.
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Have you had any luck identifying the cause of this skill point issue? Cyberware, some edges, and Fortune and Glory table choices are causing the same error in the Savage Rifts datafile. And the IZ 2.0 file still has the same issue.

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