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I need some help please to understand how to manage magic items.

I am OK with regular gear... bought a backback, bought some rope, moved the rope into the backback. And that 'gear' shows up in the PLAY tab under "Gear".

But I also bought a Bag of Holding I. It only shows in the FORMULAS area where it was purchased... not in my PLAY tab??. It does print as part of my PC stuff, but with nothing other than the name of the item.

1) Why are magic items in a Category named FORMULAS?
2) Bag of Holding is a HELD item. So I find what I want... buy it. then what?
2a. how do I show this in the PLAY tab?
2b. If I equip it or not is managed in the FORMULA area only?
3) How do I get more than just the name of the item to display
3a. in HLO
3b. in the PC printout.

Appreciate any input. Hope I've explained this well.....
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