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Originally Posted by Illyahr View Post
Your alternate class feature must add one "custom ability" and then give access to cleric custom abilities. There should be buttons under the archetype editor that does these
Thank you for the response!
Okay, I believe that I understood that. So my archetype (Druid - With Domain) I added:

Special Ability Count - 1 (Cleric class had two)
Custom Ability Name - Domain (what was on the Cleric class)
Secondary Spells/Level - 1 (Cleric class had this)
Secondary Spell Name - domain spells (Cleric class had this)
Secondary Requirements (not sure if None here works).

I get on the Druid tab the 'Add more Domains (2 left)! When I click on that I get 'Nothing to choose from!'

I really only get access to 1 domain, but I can just not pick the second one. But wondering what else I would need to add, and where to get the list of domains.
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