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Old January 2nd, 2007, 03:07 PM
Just because you said you would be working on Griffins next.

Other missing profiles are:

Guardians of the Temple (Crusades pack)
Executioners of the Inquisition (Warriors of Ragnarok, usable in C3)
Templar Standard Bearer,
Templar Musician
Templar Brother
Fusilier Veteran
Sisters of the Inquisition (Crusades)
Cardinal Aerth
Kyrus the Somber
Griffin Culverin
Griffin VEuglaire
Griff Cannon Servant
Griffin Artillery officer

Also many are missing available miracles and artifacts. I like how you did the Vets, but the Conscripts are all individual. And Thallion Riders do not update when you select which Profile.

This are the issues I have seen thus far with the Griffins List.
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