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Originally Posted by liz View Post
Did you submit a crash report? If not, please email and include as much detail as possible.

What steps did you take before the crash (the more specific the steps are the better)? Can you reproduce the crash? If so, what steps can our staff take to reproduce the crash? Information like this is incredibly helpful when submitting a crash report. Thanks!
Yes, I've submitted a bug report (and got the FogBugz link). It is easily reproducible by doing the following with the latest Warzone: Resurrection data files:

1. Select “Cybertronic” in the Create New Roster dialog and press the “Create” button.
2. Select “Support” form the list of filters at the top of the screen.
3. Select “Scorpion Squad Commander” and add it to the roster by double clicking it.
4. Select “File -> Save Roster”.
5. Enter a name for the roster.
6. Crash.
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