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Each "card" within the data files will have "artwork" elements. You can
attach the image URL properly to each artwork element using CVEdit (part of
the Authoring Kit). Once you have all the URLs updated within the data
files, send the modified data files to the author of the files. You can do
this by going to the Help menu within CV and selecting Contact Data File

If the current author doesn't elect to use your changes, let us know. Since
we've now got full permission from Wizards to support all of their games,
we can release your changes ourselves if need be. Or, we can transfer
ownership of the HP files over to you so that you can release your own
changes directly via an author account on our server.

Thanks, Rob

At 11:46 AM 8/21/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>How though do I go about updating the set so all images are present, and
>then uploading the whole set of cards back to the web so all can
>benefit? What web site/link do I need to go to, so the completed set is
>available for all to download?

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