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I'm moving full-steam on finishing MTOF and have run into two snags in my work today:

1. Is it possible to add a new Tag under the Target? As in "One Target" vs "Three Targets" vs "A Medium or Large Creature"? I need to add one that says "One Small or Tiny Creature". Looking at the Male Steeder's Sticky Leg. So far my solution is to just include that text in the text of the attack, but it's not ideal.

2. Any way to indicate that a natural attack is an automatic hit? Looking at the Marut's Unerring Slam. I can make an ability that mimics a natural attack, but again, it's not ideal.

I have set the unobtainable goal of getting MTOF done before Tuesday's Eberron release. It's not gonna happen, but I'm going to try, darnit!

"Ooooooooh, he's tryin'!"
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