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Thank you all again on your support for my recovery!

Here is some additional information in response to a couple of the queries posted above. This information was largely outlined in a separate thread (mentioned by @Acenoid), which it linked below. I'll revisit the topics in this thread to avoid confusion for those who haven't yet seen that thread.

Originally Posted by Jujutsuka View Post
Why arenít your other developers working on this?
The issues live down in the guts of a few hundred thousand lines of code that I wrote, so I'm the one familiar with that code. The issues aren't localized problems and involve interaction across multiple aspects of what's going on under the covers, so someone will need to be familiar with all of that code to figure out how to solve them. In addition, the bugs don't occur reliably, so fixing them similarly requires piecing together a puzzle across a wide span of the code.

For those unfamiliar with software development, having someone else dive in to solve problems like this would be an immensely time-consuming task and can only be performed by a small percentage of developers. Someone thrown into the deep end on this effort would take many times longer to figure them out due to the need to acquire sufficient understanding of this sizable body of code. In other words, that person would take about as long as itís now taking me at the slow pace Iím managing.

Originally Posted by meek75 View Post
What indications of progress have we seen exactly? Last I heard the only problem was Piazo and RW was ready and waiting as soon as they delivered. Guess not.
There are two significant components at play here. First, there are some issues with how things work under the covers that need to be resolved before we can complete and release the remaining pieces of KS backer content. These are the RW items that Iíve been working on thus far. Second, we need to get everything integrated with the changes to how the Paizo API now works so that we can launch the Content Market. For KS backers, the Content Market may or may not be of interest, but itís critical for the publishers that provided that content, as ultimately selling the content is a key component of the agreements we entered with them at the time of the KS.
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