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I've always been curious about this, so I figured I'd ask ...

On a few occasions, I've noticed a number of ambiguous rules being implemented in HL that are unclear even to the PFRPG team. Before they even hit the FAQ, they are in HL.

How does the dev team decide on these things?

For example, there is a discussion on the Paizo message board related to the Extra Evolution feat ...


Currently in HL, the feat can only be taken at level 1, 10, 15, and 20, yet a feat with identical phrasing, Imp. Natural Armor, has been errata'ed as ...

"The description of the evolution says, "This evolution can be taken once for every five levels the summoner possesses." Unfortunately, that text is unclear. A summoner can select this evolution once for levels 14, again for levels 59, a third time at levels 1014, a fourth time at levels 1519, and a fifth time at level 20. This wording will be clarified in the next update document and print run for the APG."

Will this clarification also be implemented in HL?


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