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I feel your pain. Not really LW's fault as they are just printing the information that is technically RAW.

However, depending on how inquisitive your players are....

These traits appear in the Player's Guide, and are readily available with a search of traits, especially if the Return of the Runelords options in selected in Options. You can disable this but it would limit adding other unique things that may be found in the campaign.

In another campaign I'm running (Rise of the Runelords), I had my player add the bonuses for an amulet they found as an Adjustment they would leave active. The player would know what adjustments they get based upon what you tell them. And they would've get the HUGE spoiler about that item.

I had him put this adjustment under the Personal tab since it's technically a permanent adjustment and it won't get mixed with the other adjustments of spell buffs and debuffs.
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