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Originally Posted by Tigz View Post
My main issues are in Racial Cust Special how to I make it a dodge bonus to armor and how do I create the Blank Space after the name so that a player can type the chosen terrain?
The blank space or "text box" is done by checking the option "Allows User Text?".

Giving a AC bonus requires using a script which in this case is situational meaning you will also need to have this ability turn on/off from the In-Play tab.

Set the option "Show in Activated Abilities List?". Then add this script at a timing of Post-Level/10000:
~ If not active get out now!
doneif (field[abilActive].value = 0)

~ Give a +2 Dodge bonus to AC
hero.child[ArmorClass].field[tACDodge].value += 2

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