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I'm trying to use the editor to add a custom race i designed. I'm having difficulty though with adding Bond to the Land. I couldn't find any races that have their ability base that I could mimic.

Bond to the Land
Urso develop a deep bond with their home terrains, preferring to use
the lessons passed down generation to generation to live off the land
they are from. Urso gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC when in a specific
terrain type selected from Cold, Forest, Planes, or Mountain.

Normally it allows any favored terrain but for my race i decided to limit it due to flavor. I was hoping I could maybe get some direction on how to properly implement it this. My main issues are in Racial Cust Special how to I make it a dodge bonus to armor and how do I create the Blank Space after the name so that a player can type the chosen terrain?
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