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Does this happen from Snippets that you type from scratch, or is it from snippets that you copy/pasted from another source?

Usually I get this pop-up when I copy from a PDF into Realm Works and paste without thinking. Instead I use the CTRL-ALT-V command to paste the PDF text unformatted. Then if it needs formatting (such as bullet points or font changes) I make those format changes directly in the snippet.

I can confirm that if I copy text from a PDF and paste it into a snippet, and click "yes" to import the data, and then if I try to copy and paste text from that snippet into another new snippet, I keep getting the repeated pop-ups about importing data. I can definitely see how that would be annoying.

I tested fixing this, and if I changed the font of the snippet, I could then copy it and paste it elsewhere without getting the pop-up prompt. So changing the font on your snippets might be the way to correct this for your existing content.
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