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When adding an Herolab portfolio to RW, it works just fine but I seem to have to do several unnecessary steps (or they happen automatically). I'll list what I do below and say what happens:

1. Add the HL portfolio snippet
2. Click on the puzzle piece which asks you to save the topic and open HeroLab (which then opens a new instance of HL every time and requires you to wait while this happens. (Why not just use the previously opened version?)
3. With HL open, I click on the Encounter tab to launch the Encounter Builder
4. Click on a monster or monsters and add them to The "Characters in Encounter" panel.
5. Click Import and then answer the question "Are you sure you want to import # characters into the current portfolio?" by clicking another "Import" button
6. Herolab loads the portfolio perfectly BUT always also has an "Unnamed Hero" showing on the Dashboard. - Why? What am I doing wrong? Is there a setting I don't see to stop this from happening.
7. This always requires me to delete the unnamed hero if I don't want to have it show up when I hit "Save portfolio" and finish the RW integration

Is there a way around these two issues that I am missing? It is a PITA when doing a lot of data entry.

Thanks for any help with this.
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