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So, a couple of different settings I am working on have some Derived Traits I created, like Beast & Barbarians > Savings and for Lankhmar > Corruption, and some others.

All well in good, no problem there.

The question, is it possible to tag such Traits as "character" only? Meaning they won't show up on a creature/monster? Especially since in most cases, the creatures don't have other relative traits, edges, etc. that relate to the derived trait.

I am just about completed on creatures from B&B (Core Book Golden Edition, Jalizar, and Tricarnia) and doing work on Lankhmar and some other settings. So I am noticing this effect now that I am putting in the critters.

It doesn't stop the program from working, and no specific errors, just a message occasionally that I do not remember right now.

Just curious.
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