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At 09:59 PM 4/8/2008, you wrote:
I'm a generous DM, and would like to give my players an additional eight skill points at first level and then an additional two each level after that.
Go to the Adjust tab. Click the option to add a Permanent Adjustment. Select "Skill Points, Per Level" and add it. Upon return, select the class the effect applies to (i.e. whatever class the player chooses for the character) and adjust the value to 2. Voila! :-)

Also if I add just two additional skill points per level, at first level would those skill points automatically be multiplied by four?? Or will I need to have the trait add eight for first level somehow and two each additional level after that??
The above method gets multiplied by 4 for the 1st level, so characters will get an extra 8 to start and 2 per level thereafter.
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