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Hi all,
I have the same problem - under manage tags, when trying to delete custom tags, it will crash when clicking save.

I believe this may be associated with 5e configured realms. I created a new pathfinder realm but could not replicate the error, same if I used one of the free content realms. However, a brand new 5e realm, with no content added, will reproduce the error just like my current realm or as OP and others report.

OP - are you using 5e as well?

Error: C++ Exception: Entry has invalid size - wiped? at line 690 in file utility.cpp

I found the error does not appear isolated to any particular tag domain as I was able to get it to crash on a new realm when trying to insert/delete custom tags in many domains. The problem is not critical as it doesn't appear to affect sync or other important functions, but it is annoying as custom tags enhance immersion for me as I personalize my realm (being able to personalize is one of my favorite aspects of RW)

I did submit a bug report, but have not had a response from LW. Will resubmit as I do think the error is not specific to my install and will require a debug and patch at some point from LW's side.

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