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Hi all, same problem on my end. Delete Custom Tag entries crash RW when clicking save in Manage.

For me, this occurs in user created 5e realm configuration.

I tested using a newly created 5e realm and experienced the same crash despite having entered NO data into the realm. Add then Delete a custom tag in a pathfinder structured realm, or using a free content realm, did not result in a crash. I suspect something in the 5e structure.

I can confirm this will happen with or without data associated and can occur in a number of different tag domains categories I tested it on.

Error: C++ Exception: Entry has invalid size - wiped? at line 690 in file utility.cpp

I sent a bug report/help request to LW a number of days ago but no response to date. Will resend.

Ps - the knowledge level of posters on this forum is one of the reasons I recently jumped on board the RW train, it is a robust product. I do hope LW updates RW with content and player/gm web access soon to be more aligned with younger player digital perspectives and for the more casual user who isn't going to build a whole realm themselves. The income stream would be well deserved for LW, but the potential benefit for the longevity and proliferation of RW in our gaming community is what drives my interest.
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