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Originally Posted by The GIT! View Post
Any further news on updates to the SW SFC (specifically the robot mods)?
I was wondering myself, as I encountered the same problem regarding skill costs on robots.

Another issue:

Are you talking about adding a Robot (a character buying one) or creating a robotic character? A bought Robot doesn't really get those Attribute points, it's not a PC.
by CapedCrusader.

I disagree with this statement but perhaps a ruling from Pinnacle is needed. Look in the SciFi Companion page 37:

...It has 5 attribute points and 15 skill points (used just like building characters). Each attribute point and every two skill points can be dropped for a $1000 discount (minimum of $1000) and one additional Mod slot.
So that seems to me, that any robot is built with the 5/15 points PLUS any extra benefits from Mods. Makes sense in that robots don't level up beyond that creation point. So that allows them to get a higher Strength, for example. The fact that you can sacrifice these points for additional Mods seems to reinforce the point.

Okay, one more thought. Any chance that a PC Construct (Race) could open the Robotic Mods tab, since they have this ability as well?
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