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Okay, for the most part everything is set, but there are two things I thing are both very important to add,
There are two templates, "Chosen of Mystra" and the "Magister"
Both of them have a chooser to pick up spells based on the user's choice.

Both of them have the ability to pick one spell per spell level and treat that spell as a spell like ability and to be FOREVER immune to that spell. However, because templates do not allow for that functionality in the d20 version (but do in the pathfinder from what I am told). I have had to get creative.

Here is my thoughts, is it possible to create a Class, and then force hero labs to remove the HD gained from however many levels are taken. I have already found a way to add and subtract level adjustments. (I use to buy off level adjustments).

If this is possible, it should make this fairly simple as the code already exists to do what I want, (Arcane Dillitante, Factotum)
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