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This question is related to beta phases:
Is there a time table for when the cloud/networking features will be testable?

Are there plans to support multiple DM's/writers per campaign?

(One of my fondest memories of DM'ing was back just after the first Neverwinter Nights game came out. Myself and four of my friends created and wrote a campaign module and then the five of us opened the game up to 4 public players; the net result was 5 dungeon masters dedicated to telling this single story; one for each player, and 1 jumping back and forth between players and preparing encounters/monsters, etc., in effect adding meat to the story's skeleton, tailoring the campaign to the players; we had some scripted conversations, but most of it was a live DM talking through the NPC's. We were mostly able to pull it off because we were having a LAN party, were in the same room, and wanted to do something wild. )

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