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Originally Posted by Ualaa View Post
I'd rather support LWD than have a black market / underworld distribution.
You misunderstood what I said. The black market as you called it would be a distribution done somewhere else and not on CM. The Underworld I suggested would be a part of the CM thus part of LWD but would not have the strict "standards" that LWD is expecting. I think kbs666 said it best.

Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
Personally I hope they make that copy protection feature publicly available and drop the "everything on the CM must meet our standards and follow our guidelines" stance. IMO their guidelines are terribad and their own QC has been amply demonstrated to not be very effective. Just go over to drivethrurpg and consider the size of their library. There's no way they manually review everything. Far better to have a review and rating system and let the market decide, with an appropriate flagging feature for inappropriate content that does need to be looked at.
I suggest Ualaa that you download and read the content submission guidelines and see how easy it would be for you to create a realm to submit for the CM and be accepted. I know one person who is really good at using RW and had SIX PAGES of changes to make and that's still no guarantee it would be approved for the CM.

I personally labored intensely for a 3PP on a realm. I made sure that it not only looked nice using the publication's colors and fonts but I tried to make sure it followed the guidelines. I was very pleased with the final product then recently learned it will never be accepted in the CM. Unless the 3PP sells it elsewhere no one will see my work.

I know that some 3PP invested time and money in making content for the CM. If they don't follow the LWD "standards" to the letter they may break even selling it in DriveThruRPG or someplace else. That is why I suggest a section in LWD's CM that 3PP can sell their LWD Non-Standard, aka Rejected, content. The "Underworld" or "Bargain Basement" section NOT the black market.
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