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Old December 14th, 2018, 03:58 AM
Not sure if these are bugs or not, so I thought I would outline what I found and if they are I can open a report on them.

1. Hover Drone gets a Weapon Proficiency automatically. I did open a report on this(kinda) as I see combat drones get a proficiency, but hover and stealth do not list one on page 74. Was this errata'd somewhere and that is why they now get one?

2. I have a human Spacefarer Envoy Arcanium Sage. We made his character last night and were getting a total of 13 skill points to select. The think is, his INT is 18. doing the math ourselves we get 8(Envoy) + 4(INT) for a total of 12, but do not know where the extra +1 is from. Any ideas from the community?

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