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Oh wow, that brings back memories.

I ran a group through WLD in 2005-2006. I created "player" maps by taking the official one-section maps, loading them into AppleWorks, and then covering each room with gray background objects so they blended in. I projected that on the wall, and would delete the covering sections when my players moved into a new room. So they got the room numbers and such, although I probably did something I don't remember for secret doors. Covered them with copied sections of wall, maybe?

I still have each session's map, but they're in the process of succumbing to digital decay - there's apparently only one program that will run on a semi-modern mac that can still read cwk files, and even that only in a "retro" version. I probably should decide if they're worth recovering before I can't...

I do wish I'd had the tools to do this back then. Kudos to you for recreating those hundreds of rooms!
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