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Originally Posted by Madmaxneo View Post
Apparently it is working for everyone.
I am unable to import any of the files created by your CSV import tool. I can convert the CSV file for import but when I try the import process it only gets up to about 85% and then RW crashes. I tried a simple import with just a few things in a few columns and RW still crashes at the same time.

Could it be I have some setting wrong or maybe there are certain files needed for import like .net files?

I am on RW version 256
I am on the latest version of Windows 10 and have the latest update installed.
I am running everything off of an AMD 3900x with 64 gb of RAM and my C drive is a NVME drive. My GPU is currently a GTX 1070.
Best thing is to send me the files via PM (or facebook msg) you are using for me to run them through the system. There must be something being generated which RW doesn't like.


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