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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
If both NatSecondary and NatPrimary are present, NatSecondary is ignored in favor of NatPrimary.
Yes, I would think so. However, the tag still exists which means that the following statement will always come up false.

doneif (tagis[Helper.NatSecondary] = 0)
I'm gonna play around with this some today and see what needs to be done to simplify the situation. I don't think there are many creatures that use this weapon, but there are other weapons that appear to be in a similar situation.

Update: I took care of the Pincer problem, but taking a peak at the effort that would be involved in making wholesale changes, I have decided not to pursue that at this time. It seems likely that most of the creatures have correct attack and damage anyway, so at this point I would prefer to leave well enough alone unless and until someone reports an error.

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