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OK, I got issue 1 working. If there is a descrepency between text and table, do you think I should go with text. That's what I have for now.

Issue 2- It is +10 to land speed at level 3, plus 20 at 6, and plus 30 at 8 Here is the script I poached, I changed the instance fro HelpSct to Help SCF

var result as number
~ If we fail the test for being speedy, get out
if (hero.tagis[Encumbered.Heavy] + hero.tagis[Encumbered.Medium] > 0) then
result = assign[Helper.SpcDisable]
elseif (hero.tagis[Hero.HeavyArmor] <> 0) then
result = assign[Helper.SpcDisable]
elseif (hero.tagis[Hero.MedArmor] <> 0) then
result = assign[Helper.SpcDisable]

~ We passed, so set our bonus
var level as number
level = hero.child[cHelpSCF].field[cTotalLev].value

var bonus as number
if (level >= 8) then
bonus = 30
elseif (level >= 6) then
bonus = 20
elseif (level >= 3) then
bonus = 10

~ Add an Enhancement Bonus to our speed
hero.child[Speed].field[BonEnhance].value = maximum(hero.child[Speed].field[BonEnhance].value, bonus)

~ Set our names
field[livename].text = "Fast Movement +" & bonus & ""
field[xSumm].text = "+" & bonus & " enhancement bonus to speed when in Light armor and unencumbered"

3.) Here is the description of the ability.

Sacred Flames (Su): At 4th level, a sacred fist may use a standard action to invoke sacred flames around his hands and feet. These flames add to the sacred fist's unarmed damage. The additional damage is equal to the sacred fist's class level plus his Wisdom modifier (if any). Half the damage is fire damage (round up), and the rest is sacred energy and thus not subject to effects that reduce fire damage. The sacred flames last 1 minute and can be invoked once per day. At 8th level, a sacred fist can invoke sacred flames twice per day.

Thanks guys for the help.
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