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Same steps that I presented in that post, only time that it is happening is on a laptop from HP with an Intel processor that originally had Win XP home edition mounted on it and was upgraded to Win 7 home. The condition did not occur on that machine until after the upgrade to Win 7. All OEM or root installs of XP, Vista, & Win 7 are not showing this problem. I've seen this issue with some other applications besides HL on this machine and others that have used an upgrade disc or install instead of wiping the the machine and doing a full install of the OS. Reinstalling the application does not clear up the problem, which is what leads me to believe it is a problem with the windows upgrade and not your application. Microsoft's solution to this when I had this problem with Paintshop Pro was to have me buy a full install version of the OS, so they are aware of the issue and do not care to resolve it. In examining the differences in the content on the upgraded drive and a full install on the drive, the upgrade leaves a boat load of orphaned dll files and handlers associated with windows explorer that are nolonger used, as well as calls to a great many more dlls and extensions in the registry that are phantoms. As best as I can tell the problem lies somewhere within these phantoms within the registry and the orphaned dll files.
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