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There was another post about buying foci and fetishes after creation mode is locked.

With either one of these, and in fact with most items to be purchased in game, do not hit the "Add and Close" button.

1. Click the "Add New ______" button.
2. Click the item you wish to purchase. [This enables the "Customize" button.]
3. Adjust the rating to the desired rating. [Lower right side of window, use the arrow buttons.*]
4. Click the "Customize" button to bring up the customization box.
5. Make adjustments here as you would during creation mode. [!!Do not use the rating adjustment in this box!!*]
6. Click "Add" Button in the Customization Box.
7. Click "Close" Button in the Add New _____ Window.

If you did not bind the focus during purchase, click on the edit item button & make the change there. Be sure to have the required amount of Karma available to complete the action.

* So far the rating adjustment has proven to be stable in root installs of Win7, XP and Vista, but has caused one crash of the software and Windows Explorer, and 4 failures to record the customization of the item, on our laptop that was upgraded from XP home to Win7 home. So far this appears to be a problem in Windows and not HL. In the case of the 4 failures to record changes, HL ran much slower than it did prior to the item purchase, as did several native windows apps that utilize Windows Explorer for their functionality. This required a reboot of the machine to clear the issue. Once the machine was restarted, removal of the item could be done by selling it for full price. However, those that were bound at time of purchase required a separate Karma adjustment to be made in the advancements tab to recover the karma lost to the failed item.
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