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  • Finished adding sources to everything down and through the P .user files. So about 85% done now actually.
  • All file extensions where changed from .dat to .user.
  • Removed all dates that where part of the file name and moved into the File Version section of the XML.
  • Enhanced the Warlock Eldritch Blast script to use the Value from itself when setting the d6 values instead of the local Variable Bonus. This allows other scripts to adjust the value and have the new adjusted value display on the character sheet.
  • Healer class from the Miniatures Handbook added.
  • Added new Conjuration(Healing) CL Thing to handle any magic item and feats that give a caster level bonus to that specific school of magic. Located in Custom - SpecificSchoolCL.user file.
  • All healer Cure spells calculate themselves with a generic script that has its values changes by setting Tags on the spell.
  • Added the wavecrest gnome from Stormwrack to the Stormwrack races .user file.
  • Added the Warlock Scepter to the MIC magic items .user file.
  • Added scripts to several Magic Items and Feats to adjust the Value of the new Conjuration(Healing) CL Thing so that the correct CL is used for calculating the the Cure Spells for the healer.
So Lots are done and it looks really good to be able to just pick the books you want to use from inside of HL and just have those Things show up. Wish I could say that I will be done this week, but super busy again this week and I have to DM all day on Saturday.

So will see what I can finish but I am still thinking two weeks to finish this up. Then we will need to have a few people test this data set to make sure I didn't miss anything. Then we can go ahead and release this bad boy to the community. Should make allot of people happy as there is allot of good stuff done in here from Lawful_g and it will be easier for everyone to see that when they see the Books actually listed in the Configure Your Hero window.


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