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I am trying to find a way to get metadata on the character files (POR) so that I don't have to open up the file in question to find out information.

I'm not sure how metadata full works, so I'm not looking for a full range of automatic metadata to be included, but would like to have a file description, or comment that I can edit on the file (whether or not that is something I edit inside HL or not is outside of this question).

Since I have different Characters, created for different reasons, and sometimes even NPCs, I was looking for a way to include some description in the file, so I don't have to constantly open up the file, to work out what it is about.

Is this something that can be added as a development thing, or perhaps even as a user thing? I have seen suggestions from google that suggest that I as a user can add metadata to filetypes, but I am unsure if I should trust 3rd party programs that I cannot research and verify as safe.
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