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A thing to remember, before you really get a head of steam up here, is that HeroLab Classic still works just fine. All of the datasets that are currently available for it are still available. LoneWolf have stated no plans to stop developing content for HeroLab Classic and the game systems it supports. If you don't want to have a pay-to-play product, just don't buy it, and continue to use the excellent product(s) that you already have.

At present, the only thing that you won't get, if you don't subscribe to HLO, is Starfinder. We haven't been given any ETA for Pathfinder content in HLO that I know of, and your ability to use the Classic product hasn't been impacted ONE IOTA. If you prefer, you could simply ignore the fact that HLO has been created in the first place, and continue to enjoy your usage of the fine products you have already purchased, even telling others how excellent they are. Even when Pathfinder is released for HLO, they've said that content purchased on one platform will translate to the other, as long as that content has been produced for both. I suspect that it will take a while to get all of the HeroLab Classic Pathfinder content, along with the basics of the rule system itself, converted to a usable form in HLO because there's just so darned much of it (which is part of why we all love the product).

I'm also not thrilled by the ongoing subscription model, but they are planning an offline mode, and I somewhat suspect that we'll eventually see Starfinder content for HeroLab Classic (although I don't believe I've seen this as a specific promise from the company, so don't quote me on that).

While Lonewolf is asking for money for the product at this time, it's quite clear that it's still under heavy development, and I'm viewing my subscription as something akin to getting early beta access. The product really isn't ready for primetime, but I'm not letting that bother me. If it bothers you, you still have HeroLab Classic.
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