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The following Packs have been updated. For details click the links:Summary of Changes
1) The following community packages are GONE: iPad Super Pack, Community Bestiary, and Community Player Pack.

2) For the iPad please delete the iPad Super Pack and load the individual Pack or Packs you need. Everything will now play nicely and safely on the iPad so the iPad Super Pack serves no purpose.

3) The Community Player Pack now 100% exists inside the Basic Pack. This allows all the other Packs access to Universal Things and Helper Objects.

4) The "PFS Pack" is not going to be its own Pack/Download. It is now 100% contained inside of the "Basic Pack". This makes it easier as the Basic Pack now contains lots of magic items and Things that the PFS Boons need.

If you run into issues it maybe worth doing a "Fresh Clean Install" on Windows/Mac. For details see FAQ#6.

Hero Lab Resources:
Pathfinder - d20pfsrd and Pathfinder Pack Setup
3.5 D&D (d20) - Community Server Setup
5E D&D - Community Server Setup
Hero Lab Help - Hero Lab FAQ, Editor Tutorials and Videos, Editor & Scripting Resources.
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