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Just a couple of Warhammer Forge notes;

Theodore Bruckner

Cannot be General, yet validation warning flagged if another character is made general with a lower leadership. Unsure if Bruckner should be the exception to this validation rule, or if he just can't be taken unless there is another character with Ld9 in the army. I would have thought the former, as his Hand of Judgement special rule states that another character is required to lead.

Missing item: Baleflame Amulet (Talisman). Provides Bruckner with a 5+ Ward Save. In addition, if Bruckner is slain by a model in base contact, that model then immediately suffers D6 wounds, with no armour saving throw or regeneration possible. This attack has no effect if Bruckner is slain in any other circumstances. Note that this item appears in the Tamurkhan book, not on the draft PDF that appeared on the Warhammer Forge website.

Ridden Monster and Armour Saves - His armour save should show as 4+ (heavy Armour plus mount) instead of 5+, In the same way that the General of the Empire's armour save is modified.

Jubal Falk

Should also be equipped with a pistol.

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