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Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
One thing I truly do not get, streaming D&D. People want to watch other people play RPG's? I'll watch a stream of someone playing a video game for a little while but an RPG session tends to run 4 hours minimum.
Some people watch to see how a game is run to learn the system or get tips for running the same adventure, but I also don't get why people just watch. You even now have "professional" GMs & Players who are just streamers that charge people to play or contribute like "donate some money" ad you can name the tavern in our town. Don't get that at all and wast of money IMHO.

I tried watching a stream run by one of these popular professional that was running a module i had just got for savage worlds and i wanted to get some tips on running it and on that savage worlds setting. GMs didn't know the setting rules of the game that well and did a poor job with the module. (Gave away a major plot element away right away with no build up. So a big surprise had no impact that it was intended to in the module.
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