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Ditto to that perspective and that's even knowing some of the players!! I have never been a passive observer in most things I do... Rather play golf than watch it, play D&D than Watch etc...

Now streaming "how to" stuff, I'm a binge watcher... hehe Various youtube videos here, Mel the Terrain tutor, Table Top Minions w/ Adam... etc for my addictive D&D hobby...
And real world stuff when I'm working with the neighbor on blacksmithing or wood crafts....

@ Gord> Thanks for the info! that's where the front line is!!! Road meets the Rubber stuff....

And yea I don't get the whole card thing... my kids all went through that with the "this card worth that" and this worth thus if its a "Gold border"... insert roll eyes here.... to me it's only worth that if you have a buyer otherwise its cardboard and akin to Beenie baby collecting.... to each his own I guess.

@ Rone> now thats funny

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