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I'm writing as a RealmWorks user from Europe but considering this:
I believe I'm not the only one here with this problem.

Guys, could you please give us an option to change date format to anything other than MM/DD/YYYY? The current non-changeable format is SO completely unintuitive for people from Europe and other regions around the world that uses syntax like DD/MM/YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD... It almost makes the calendar unusable as it's so hard to visualize the event's chronological order by just looking at their dates.

It's a shame it cannot be simply changed - especially when it's just a matter of formatting.

I know you have like a ton of work with the Content Market now and I'm not trying to be a smart-ass here but as a programmer myself, depending how you actually wrote the application, I believe this feature should be a really easy thing to do (comparing to many others) as we are just talking about displaying numbers in a different way.

One small option, hundreds of people happier.

I can even find you a nice cat picture if that makes this feature get released sooner.
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