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No, the +2 would be on your damage resistance roll. Example:

I shoot you with my Ares Predator V, because I'm that kind of guy. I roll my hit, you roll your dodge, I end up with a margin of success of +2. You're now facing 10 damage with an AP of -1. You're wearing an Armor Jacket, because you're a smart Runner. Your AV is 12, so you're looking at Stun damage. Your BOD score is 4, you add your AV, apply my AP value to get 15 dice to roll your Damage Resistance. Assuming average results, you're looking at 5 successes.

You decided that getting shot hurt too much, so you invest in Aluminum Bone Lacing. I'm still a bit of a bastard, so I shoot you again with my Predator V. The MOS comes out to +2 again. You're still wearing your Armor Jacket (AV 12), your BOD score is still 4, and my AV is still -1. The running total for the Damage Resistance is at 15. Your Bone Lacing has an intrinsic AV of +2, so your DR is now 17. You also get the +2 to your BOD for the purpose of Damage Resistance tests, your DR is now 19. Assuming average rolls you're at 6 1/3 (rounded down to 6) successes.
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