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I believe I have found my answer. It is in the identity attribute of a statset. As I am trying to get a better understanding (from the documentation) on how this attribute works, it does lead me to a second question.

I am playing around with a system that uses a subset of stats for one type of a unit. The other type of units have the superset of stats.

Lets say for example the superset of stats is STR, DEX, CON, CHR, INT & WIS and the subset is STR, DEX and CON. If I create two statsets (to show that the 2nd type of unit doesn't have all the stats), how can I get the a custom outputted stat line for the second type of unit that is similar to how 40K does their vehicle stats?

DO I create a STR2 stat that looks like STR so AB won't see that the stat is part of the default statset?
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