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For that animal HD multiclassing thing - you may want to revise your races to go along with it - If you're doing it that way, all your races should represent the 0-level state of the race. The race can bootstrap a number of levels of that class equal to its starting HD. That way your BAB/saves/skill points are correct for any level. I'm not sure if regular monsters are restricted to 20 HD. This will impose that limit on these races.

My thoughts for the far future "better monster handling" project include something like this. At this point, my ideas on the subject include making a Hit Die thing that would show up in the levels list if your race/type could advance by HD. There would also be a new category of components for types/subtypes. The type things would tell the hero which of them was currently active, and the HD thing would read that to determine the HD size, attack/save progressions, etc.

At this point, posts like "When you do that better monster handling project could you..." will not generally be helpful. I haven't talked about everything I've been thinking about, so there's a decent chance you'd mention something I've already thought about, and by the time I get to that project, this thread will be pretty old and buried in the list. Sorry, I know you want to talk about it now that I've mentioned a project, but it wouldn't help much at this point.
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