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Because I don't trust links to not go away...

For those of you who’ve been asking how to renew your Hero Lab Online subscriptions, we have answers! Standard Service subscription renewals are now live in our store, and you can purchase them in increments of 6 or 12 months at any time. Six months of Standard Service is $14.99, or you can pick up a 12-month subscription for just $24.99 for the whole year.

If your subscription lapses, there’s no need to panic; your account reverts to demo mode, and advanced character creation, additions, and upgrades will no longer be possible. However, all your purchased content will be there waiting to advance when you renew your account. Additionally, you’ll be able to access and print characters in their current state, even with a lapsed account.

For everyone who’s been accessing our service for free the last many months as we’ve put the Campaign Theater Beta and subscriptions into place, we hope you’ve enjoyed playing in our sandbox. We want to thank you for all your playtesting and reports; it’s helped us immensely with making changes many of our users want to see. We aren’t turning off the free time just yet, but users will need to purchase Standard Service extensions by February 24th to continue with uninterrupted access.

New users who still have free time left from their initial purchase of Hero Lab Online can absolutely buy Standard Service extensions right away, but it isn’t necessary to continue using the service. Our system will send an email reminder when your access is about to expire.

What about group licensing? Many of you have requested that we institute some manner of party licensing or other group discounts for Hero Lab Online, and we’ve been listening! Prior to the February 24th renewal deadline, we’ll be unveiling new account types that allow groups more flexibility in how they share their services and play together. Keep an eye out for more news on exactly how that will work in the weeks ahead!
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