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I still think a way to save characters and having a "reader" portion or app of HLO would be preferable, a way to have a character sheet without having to be tethered to being online.

Having to access the app online then have a holding pattern for offline use is not going to have a way to access characters when having no access to the net. The print out should have all the info needed to play the character, but it is missing some things with the Organized Play such as Factions that the character is in, what nationality the human character is, and what school training the character has and what points are put into where.

The format is also off, having the Starfinder Stamina and Hit Points in the wrong spots and having the PF2 stat scores in very tiny print at the side.

Really, one needs to write down the info that is missing once the sheet is printed.

Hopefully, this will improve over time, but it is a concern for the current use of the app.
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