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I did find a workaround with the positioning, but it seems crude:
	  var myLength as number
	  var myHeight as number
	  myLength = length(field[wpNotes].text)
	  myHeight = myLength / 75
	  myHeight = round(myHeight,0,1)
	  ~set out portal height to automatically size as needed
	  portal[notes].lineheight = myHeight
      ~place the name and indicators at the top, and the notes underneath
      portal[name].top = 0
      perform portal[badstr].alignrel[btob,name,0]
	  portal[special].top = portal[name].bottom + 5
	  portal[notes].top = portal[name].bottom + 5

	  ~our height is the height of our portal
      height = portal[notes].bottom
Having that lets the notes output vary, but it seems crude.... I can work with it though.
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