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The index is part of an array that indicates your progress in multiple classes.

The first class you enter at 1st level has an index of 0.

The second class you enter, regardless of what level you enter it is set to 1.


Technical Stuff
It is just an internal index that HeroLab uses to keep track of classes on the hero, the index allows the crunchy bits to know which class in the class array it is referring to.

So, if you had a Rogue/Sorcerer that entered rogue at 1st level and sorcerer at some other level, the rogue's index is 0 and the sorcerer is 1. At some point in the crunchy bits of the code, it needs to know something about the class and class levels thereof it is referring to. So, the <someArray>[0] holds the value of the number of levels held by the rogue and the <someArray>[1] holds the value of the number of levels advanced by the sorcerer.

A 10,000 foot view of the thing. A helper class has this index, and since you bootstrapped the cHelpxxx, it probably has code referring to the cClsIndex field located within that cHelpxxx object.

Does that help any?

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