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Several things for my characters have conditional modifiers, that don't show up on the character sheet. Is it possible to include a Notes field for most things on the character sheet where these conditional modifiers can be listed?

Some examples:
* Skill uses that use cyberlimb stats instead of the overall stat, such as Palming.
* Kick attacks with unarmed combat (extra reach for Kick attack in Martial Arts, Satyr Legs damage modifier)
* Alternate movement modifers (Satyr Legs, Skimmers)
* Calculated damage and AP for ammo types other than the loaded ammo for the weapon.

On a related note, can certain modifiers that are on the character sheet be listed in a separate box if they would be repeated multiple times? One of the character's I've created is a dryad social adept, who has Don't Call Me Dumb, Authoritative Tone, and Symbiosis listed 7 times in the skill section (one for each social skill). Instead, having a box listing Skill Modifiers at the end of the Skills section that lists these items once and naming the skills the modifiers apply to would save space.
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