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I am a little more than half way through this book, and I have to say that I wish I had RTFM before I had gotten started. You guys have done a stellar job with this manual. It also makes anyone appreciate the lengths you guys went to with the software design. It is pretty clear you folks were actually using it as you built it, and there are just so many good ideas in there that it is honestly just astonishing. I could gush on, but I'll spare everyone.

I eagerly await the missing portions, but I don't have any positive suggestions at this point. It seems very complete (well, once the TBD's are filled in).

One question: As you update the book, will we be able to tell what was added so we can read those portions without having to try to remember what we've already read before (i.e. will there be a list of new topics on these boards or something?)

In closing, I just have to recommend to everyone that if you only read one of the books in the documentation, this one should be it! Further, you really must read this. It will save you time in redo's.
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