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In the imminent release of Realm Works, there is a preliminary version of the Tips & Tricks (aka Best Practices) guide. This document is not complete, but it covers lots of useful material, so we're releasing it now so users can start leveraging it.

Within this document, there are lots of sections labeled "TBD", which means they are subjects that I'll be covering in future updates. To help me determine what's missing and prioritize which sections to flesh out next, I've created two threads in the Feature Requests forum. Please post in these two separate threads to voice your thoughts on these subjects:

Prioritizing What to Detail Next
Identifying What's Still Missing

Please do NOT post requests for new sections and/or votes for priorities in this thread. If you do, you will be chided for not reading these simple instructions.

If you have GENERAL questions about the Tips & Tricks guide, please post them in this thread.


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