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Hi all. I think I'm missing something somewhere and can't figure out what.

I'm massively editing/enlarging the Race/Species category in Mechanics area to include many of the features of PC Wrede's world-building topics.

What I'm seeing, however, is that if I create a new topic from this template, the snippet names and not the descriptions are displayed in the blank fields. When I go to look at something like Group: Government, it's showing the description, not the title, which is how I want it.

Ex: included category Group: Government subject (how I want it)
Headquarters - this is the snippet title, and is not shown in grayscale in the empty snippet
A brief indication of the groupís primary base of operations - this is the description and is shown in grayscale in the empty snippet

Modified Race/Species Category NOT how I want it
Materials - this is the snippet title and IS showing in grayscale in the empty snippet
What is the most common building material? Why is it used (availability, cheapness)? Does it have any major drawbacks (wood=the Great Fire of London)? - this is the actual description to prompt for input and is utterly absent.

I hope I've explained this clearly enough to help someone help me. I'd really love to know what I missed/did wrong and hope it can be fixed with ease.

Thanks in advance.

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